Mane De Jour Beauty Supply is One of the few Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores in the Valley of Arizona. What sets us apart from many Beauty Supply Stores is our Boutique Set up. We do not carry Everything you may see in your other Beauty Supply Stores. Simply because we feel not all Products are Great for our hair, and we do not want to bombard you with unnecessary Products. So we aim for carrying Products in High Demand. Our Goal is to provide you with Knowledge of the Products you purchase, as well as how to use them. If we do not know, we will research to better help. Customer Service is EVERYTHING within any Business. We will do our best in making sure you receive Great Service every time you Enter, as well as being Comfortable as you shop.

Thank you all for your Support thus far!

-March Munroe


Owner is 27 year old March MunRoe, who is also a Licensed Cosmetologist. Specializing in Natural Hair Care, as well as Color. She offers Weaves, and other Services, but also knows when to stay in her own Lane of Services she has Experience in. March MunRoe has funded her own Business by herself. No Loans! Talk about Dedication. (Handwork + Patience #RIP Nipsey Hussle) March was able to open her Beauty Supply Store in March of 2018. March is a Great example of someone that has a Dream then goes for it. As she had the Dream of Owning her own Beauty Supply Store, but did not have the funds. But as we all know when you want something so bad, you will work your butt off to make it happen. March found a Building and a month later put her Deposit Down. its 2019 and Mane De Jour Beauty Supply store is still in Business. As we all know the first few years are always the toughest, but March is still going Strong and making sure she keeps a Successful Business.

if your ever in the Area or in Arizona be sure to Check us out!

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